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We need to talk about gender violence in anarchist groups/spaces.

It happens, it happens a lot, more than a lot of
people think. Having good politics doesn’t mean someone isn’t capable of being
abusive in their own life but refusing to take accusations of abuse seriously
because the accused is such a “good anarchist” is a sign of pretty shitty

This is a discussion that needs to happen and as frustrating as it is it
probably needs to happen many times and the discussion needs to be led by those who have experienced abuse, even if it means people who are used to being heard have to sit back, be quiet and listen.

Too many people (predominately women) have had to withdraw from activism and anarchist organising because of abuse, while abusers face little if any social
consequences for their actions. This is a topic I really want to write more
about but at the moment it is too raw a subject to go into, so instead I am
going to post links to a few sites that I have found helpful and informative and I would love if anyone has any other sites in mind to link to them in the comments.

Some are about specific events and some are more general. Some are anarchist and some are from the broader left. All come with a trigger warning.

Betrayal – a critical analysis of rape culture in anarchist subcultures


From the website “A Campaign to Openly and Directly Address Rape Within Our Communities

This is a campaign to break the silence around rape and sexually dangerous/predatory behaviours, and to use community-pressure, people-power and survivor-direction to openly and directly address rape. It is also a public service campaign to educate around the realities of rape, sexual assault, and sexually transmitted infections for the safety and health of women who are exposed to them.


Because as women we’re tired of putting up with rape. And because as survivors we cannot rely on the state system to support us.”

Misogyny and the left – we need to start practicing what we preach.

To Socialist Alternative, a letter, a call out.