Monthly Archives: March 2012

Retail therapy and sexy boots to get over a breakup. I have case of being a bad feminist.

My boyfriend broke up with me recently, it has now been a week since we last spoke and it is killing me (not literally although at times it does feel like it). Yesterday I put a pair of increadibly sexy boots on lay-by even though I really can’t afford them and told myself that under no terms would I pay them off before I head to Melbourne next week, no matter how much I want to. Today I was really struggling to not call my ex and so I made a deal with myself, if I still haven’t called him on Wednesday I can get my boots out early for Melbourne. I’m pretty sure wanting a pair of hot boots, especially as I want to use them to help myself feel sexy after being dumped, makes me a bad feminist in some people’s books but I don’t give a fuck. I may be a bad feminist but I will be a bad feminist with fucking hot boots.