My rant for the day

Next time someone complains to me that they had a bad day at work, that they had a lousy/bad-tempered/arsehole customer or client or that their boss is a jerk I am going to tell them that they need to leave their line of work, that it is degrading, that it will destroy them, that the only reason they don’t see this is because they are too damaged to see the truth. Weird response, hey? Especially when it is generally accepted that most jobs aren’t great, that most bosses misuse their power, that everyone (even those lucky enough to have a job they love and are passionate about) has bad days.  Even among friends who are for the most part accepting of my work I still have to censor myself when it comes to voicing complaints about my work because all to often it will be jumped on as an excuse to drive home how ‘bad’ the sex industry is. Show me an industry that doesn’t have exploitation, where workers have equality, where people are more than wage slaves? No one says that workers in other industries should leave because of it. No, they should organise and agitate for better conditions, for more respect it is only the sex industry where workers strength in numbers is ignored. If I have a bad day at work, I want someone to complain about bosses with, to complain about idiots with, the last thing I want is a moral lecture.


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