I am finally starting this blog.

I meant to start keeping a blog months ago and for various reasons (namely life getting in the way) I never got around to it but with the new year well underway, uni starting back, an article and a presentation on sexwork and anarchism in the works (well, in the preworks) it dawned on me that if I don’t start my blog now I probably never will.

I don’t even know what my first post should be about. Should I dive right in to writing about my thoughts on anarchism, sex work etc and my experiences or should I start with some background information? I don’t think my background is of all too much importance, and when it is important to something I post I will mention it and I worry that sharing ‘too much’ could lead anyone who actually reads this to possibly stereotype me but I will give a brief overview of myself. I am in my twenties, I have a child of primary school age, I am studying a bachelor of law and social science (majors in sociology and politics) and I work in a brothel. Now on to the more important stuff.

I am very excited and nervous about the chance to give a presentation at Camp Anarchy next month but I am currently stumped as to what to include in the presentation and what direction to take. It is not that I don’t have anything to talk about, in fact the opposite is true, I have too much to talk about and I am struggling as to what to include and what to throw out. It would be easier if I had more of an idea of what the audience’s preconceptions about sex work are but at the moment I don’t even know if I will get an audience and there is sure to be a diversity of opinions anyway. My main dilemma is deciding whether to push the ‘sex work is real work’ angle talking about how the agency of sex workers needs to be respected and that rather than assuming us all to be victims that people should listen to us, or if I should go straight into talking about about my views on  sex worker in relation to anarchism.  I’m sure I’ll work out how to present it, although probably not before the last minute.


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